Pandemic Got You Panicked?

Pandemic Got You Panicked?

Don't worry, it's healthy to feel extra stress, fear and even paranoia in the midst of a global pandemic. It seems like the worst is here and there's no better in sight, but you can and should make the most of your time right now. 

Here are some ways to look on the bright side of these dark times:

  1. Recharge by having time away from people
  2. Focus your energy on the things you haven't had time to do 
  3. Feed your soul with a new book, or get lost in a series that's been in your Watchlist
  4. Create! Make something that takes up your time and attention. Learn a recipe, make a vision board, paint/draw, crochet, the options are endless!
  5. Clean out your closet - put together donations you can offer when things have simmered down (make sure they're clean though)
  6. Pick up a hobby you forgot about - practice guitar or piano or that ukulele collecting dust in your room
  7. Get some quality time with your fur babies/pets
  8. Practice mindfulness - in the still moments when you are alone, some introspection could lead you to find that having less access to the things you used to has freed up space in your mind. You can find what truly is necessary and what isn't in your life. 
  9. In a general sense, we're all facing this - you can still reach out to people and bond/have genuine communication
  10. We're in this together - if there's any way you can virtually aid someone else who might being having a tough go of things as a result of this, go for it! Sending financial assistance to a freelancer friend or resources to someone who might not have been able to get supplies goes such a long way.

I hope this list helped in some way. It's hard to gauge where everyone is at emotionally right now as there seems to be polar extremes of frantic frenzy and utter nonchalance. If you're somewhere in between though, this probably reached you. 

Stay safe, please 


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